Let yourself be inspired

make yourself comfortable with your personalised wall

Arcadian collection

small panels for perfect shabby chic at home try it out and get inspired

The Arcadian collection is perfect for all vintage & shabby chic lovers. Each panel is unique and handmade. Its typical distressed finish will attract lots of attention. In the sample box you’ll find six different colour shades to try out in your living room, bedroom, kids room, kitchen or wardrobe.

Brushed Grain collection

large panels for contemporary interior design

The Brushed Grain collection is a combination of nature and elegance. The large wall panels will look classy in your contemporary, bright room. They will also perfectly set the scene for your summer house. The light colours will make your rooms feel bigger. Each panel is brushed and painted with non-toxic paint. The sample box contains six handmade décors. Simply try them out in your home.

100% sustainable wood

For every tree felled, we plant 105 new trees with our partner Fairventures.

Each box sold corresponds to three freshly planted trees in Indonesian forests, thus creating habitat for animals and people.

Do you have any further questions?

Have a look at our FAQ 🙂

What kind of finish is available for mywoodwall™ – panels?

The finish we use is a semi-smooth top layer that emphasises the panels’ real wood composition and gives character to your room.

Can mywoodwall™ be used on a textured surface?

The high-quality Tesa® tape can be used on almost any surface. If you’re at all doubtful, the surface can easily be treated with sandpaper to remove rough unevenness.

Can I attach mywoodwall™ to doors, beds or cupboards?

Yes, this isn’t a problem at all. Actually it’s a rather popular application!

What’s the best way to clean mywoodwall™?

Normally a duster or wet wipe is sufficient – if in doubt, or if there’s a lot of dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

Can mywoodwall™ be recycled?

Yes, wood is a raw material that can be easily disposed of via the appropriate recycling station.

The installation is very simple

see how our PeelPress method works