Your new room in just two hours

quick & easy installation – without holes in your wall – with the Peel&Press™ method

Effortless installation without drilling

Peel&Press™ – peel off and press on – finished

The mywoodwall™ wall panelling is self-adhesive and easy to self-install. Perfect for a DIY project at home – simply remove the protective film and stick on. Our panels stick absolutely securely to almost any surface. You can give your home a cosy atmosphere in no time. No holes, no dirt – really simple.

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Peel&Press™ installation instructions


1) Prepare the wall


You need a flat surface for your new wall. These things will help you when installing:
• The mywoodwall™ wall panels
• A spirit level
• A pencil
• A measuring tape
• A handsaw with mitre box or circular saw
• A roller to evenly press down the panels
• A rough sponge
Then take a before-picture of your wall so that you can see the difference afterwards. Use the rough sponge to roughen the wall a little and at the same time clean the surface so that it is smooth, clean and dry.

2) Define the layout


Before you glue the panels to the wall, you might like to lay them on the floor. Then you can see what the panels will look like on the wall. Play with angles, patterns and floor plans until you find something you like best.

3) Draw a reference line


Draw a horizontal line on the wall with a pencil or piece of chalk. This will make it easier for you to position the wall panels. If you want to place your pattern at a certain angle, make a second line at the desired angle, starting from the horizontal line.

4) Mount reference row


Now it starts: you can mount the wall panels. Start with a reference row. Mount panel by panel. Peel off the protective film from the three adhesive strips on the back and press the wall panel to the wall. Make sure to follow the previously drawn line.Do this until the complete row is finished. It’s the foundation for the remainder of your new, cosy wall. Use the saw for cutting pieces to fill the gaps at the ends.

5) Completing your wall


Now you can fill in the rest of the wall quickly and easily. Use a mitre box and a handsaw or circular saw to cut the necessary edge pieces and for making cut-outs for power sockets.
Your wall will be finished in no time and give your room a fresh sense of space.

6) Finishing touches


After you’ve firmly pressed down the panels with the roller one more time, you can then let the tape harden. Meanwhile you can attach decorative strips and other accessories and complete your new wall.
Feel free to take a photo of your new wall and the mood it creates in your room and share it with us on Instagram or Facebook (

1 – Prepare the wall


2 – Define the layout


3 – Draw a reference line


4 – Mount reference row


5 – Completing your wall


6 – Finishing touches

Perfect edges

Beautiful edges with our matching decorative strips

For a perfect finish to the edges of your new wall panelling, you can use black, white or brown genuine wooden decorative strips. Edges that are not cleanly cut and other little things can be cleverly hidden. Each package contains six strips in the format 1.3 x 1.3 x 120 cm. These can be easily attached with Tesa® adhesive tape.

Press roller

Better adhesion due to even pressure

After installation, we recommend pressing your wall panelling firmly and evenly over its length using a foam roller. This ensures that the panels stick smoothly and evenly to your wall and that the tape is absolutely secure.

tesa®- adhesive tape for your decorative strips

You can fasten the decorative strip with small nails or with Tesa tape like the panels

You can easily fasten your decorative strips or panel sections with double-sided mounting adhesive tape from Tesa®. A 10 m roll of Tesa® adhesive tape is sufficient for one pack of decorative strips.

Safe for your children and pets

No toxins, natural colours

mywoodwall ™ real wood wall panels have been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute. The natural colours on our panels meet all emission regulations. mywoodwall™ is a safe wooden wall panelling that makes your home cosy

Do you have any further questions?

Have a look at our FAQ 🙂

Can mywoodwall™ be used in rooms with low humidity?

Yes, mywoodwall™ can be used in rooms that have low humidity.

Can I use mywoodwall™ on slopes – or even on the ceiling?

Absolutely! You should make sure that the surface is clean and use a gummed roller to apply the panels with sufficient pressure.

Can mywoodwall™ be placed near a fireplace or open hearth?

Yes. However, since our panels are made from real wood, the minimum distances required by law must be respected.

How can I remove mywoodwall™?

All you have to do is carefully pull the panels from the wall so as not to damage the substrate. This is where a spatula will be helpful.

Can I cut mywoodwall™ to the length I want?

Yes, this is very easy with a normal hand or jig saw.

Some panels have small nails on the edges. Is it OK if I saw there?

These nails are used to hold smaller pieces of wood together. It’s best to select your panels in such a way that you only saw in places where there aren’t any nails.

Can problems arise with the adhesive tape?

No, the tape is strong and durable. But you should make sure that the surface is dry, clean and not too rough. If necessary, you can attach additional adhesive strips which you can get in our online shop.
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