Wood Wall Paneling

Wood Wall Paneling

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  • Real Wood from 100% Sustainable Sources
  • Non-Toxic paints and stains makes it safe to use in any interior space.
  • Kiln Dried to 8% moisture content to ensure stability. mywoodwall does not warp, bow, cup, or swell and will not shrink after installation.
  • Hand Finished. Each board is uniquely finished.
  • Precision Mill Technique and Triple QC process ensures each panel aligns easily for a quality installation.
  • Timeless Design & finish is versatile for any interior décor application.

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Sustainability Included

For every product you purchase, we support the cultivation of new trees. We partnered with One Million Trees, a non-profit initiative of Fairventures Worldwide and the Borneo Institute.

By using mywoodwall®, you are supporting local communities and farmers in a way that is both ecologically responsible and sustainable.

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Peel & Press Application by Tesa

Tesa Tape 62934 is a double sided PE foam tape for constructive mounting applications. It consists of highly conformable PE foam backing and tackified acrylic adhesive.

• Versatile adhesive for numerous substrates
• High ultimate adhesion level for bonding performance
• UV, Water, and ageing resistant
• 1 Roll equals 33 ft

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