What can I apply mywoodwall™ to?

mywoodwall™can be used on almost any interior surface so long as it is clean, dry, and relatively smooth.

Will mywoodwall™ work in high moisture environments such as bathrooms?

Mywoodwall™ paneling is a product for interior use. It will perform best under normal interior humidity ranges of 35% to 45%. We do not recommend this product for environments regularly exceeding 50% humidity.

Can mywoodwall™ be used near a fireplace or other source of heat?

Always consult the safety manual of your fireplace first and comply with the rules and regulations therein. Generally speaking, mywoodwall™ is safe for use as long as the exposure to heat is minimal. Make sure to follow all recommendations for textured surfaces. Most brickwork must be sealed to ensure good adhesion.

Can mywoodwall™ be used on textured surfaces?

Our special adhesive will bond to nearly any surface, even if it is textured. However, if the bonding is not optimal (especially for very rough surfaces), the textured surface can be sanded down before applying the adhesive tape. Make sure any dust from the sanding is removed before applying the adhesive. Please make sure that the surface is clean and dry. To ensure the surface is clean, please use a solvent and a mild abrasive pad and then use a clean cloth to remove any containments or residues. Most porous surfaces (such as cement) may require sealing to provide a unified surface. Some materials such as copper and brass will require coating with a varnish or lacquer to prevent surface oxidation. The adhesion tape requires up to 72 hours to reach full strength.

Is mywoodwall™ safe for exterior use?

Mywoodwall™ is designed for interior applications. In certain cases, the product can be used for outdoor applications in which it is not directly exposed to the elements, but this is not generally recommended.

Can mywoodwall™ be used on cabinets or doors?

Yes, absolutely. This is one of our most popular applications.

Can mywoodwall™ be used on ceilings?

Yes. This is another popular application. Make sure the ceiling is clean, dry, and smooth before applying mywoodwall™. To ensure the surface is clean, please use a solvent and a mild abrasive pad and then use a clean cloth to remove any containments or residues. Take extra care in ensuring that the adhesion is strong by applying adequate pressure to the panels during the installation. The adhesion tape requires up to 72 hours to reach full strength.

Can mywoodwall™ be used in Commercial Offices and Retail Shops?

Positively yes. Mywoodwall™ presents an affordable and easy alternative to standard Tenant Improvements (TIs), which are normally cost and time prohibitive. Furthermore, mywoodwall can be removed relatively easily when the tenant leaves, and replaced with another version of the wall cladding. It may be necessary to install mywoodwall™ panels on a sheet of wood and then adhere the wood to the wall surface to safely remove the paneling.

How do I remove mywoodwall™?

To remove mywoodwall™, the adhesive needs to be pried off the wall (or other surface to which it is attached). Because the adhesive is quite strong, the surface will normally require some minor, touch-up repairs. If a scraping tool is used, the mywoodwall™ panels will most likely break and not be useable upon removal.

Can mywoodwall™ be cut to different sizes?

Yes. With basic woodworking equipment, the panels can be cut to different sizes and shapes. Normally, power equipment is not necessary because the panels are relatively thin.

Does it matter if mywoodwall™ is oriented vertically or horizontally?

Not at all. It is a merely a design consideration.

How thick is mywoodwall™?

The thickness of our panels is 3/8 in (8-9 mm), which creates a 3D effect.

Is mywoodwall™ just thick wallpaper?

No! mywoodwall™ is a real wood product made from 100% sustainable plantation sources of wood.

What is the width of mywoodwall™?

The width of the panels is 4 7/8 in (125 mm).

Is mywoodwall™ made from real wood?

Mywoodwall™ is 100% made from plantation sources of wood.

What is the best way to clean mywoodwall™?

Normally, a vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove any contaminants. A duster also works well.


Is mywoodwall™ recyclable?

Yes, every component of the mywoodwall™ system is recyclable. Simply put all unused portions in the appropriate recycling bin.

How is mywoodwall™ shipped?

Mywoodwall™ is sent directly to your home or other address of choice. Each box contains 10.5 SQFT of product.

Can I order mywoodwall™ internationally?

mywoodwall™ can be shipped all over the world. However, customs regulations vary by country, as do taxes, duties, and possible other fees.

What is the return policy?

If you are not satisfied with the goods and they are still in original unused conditions with its packaging intact, you can return the goods within the legal period of time.

What type of warranty does mywoodwall™ offer?

The product is covered by an extended warranty of twelve months against manufacturing defects.

How many square feet of mywoodwall™ do I need to order?

You can approximate the amount of mywoodwall™ you will need with this simple calculation: 

[Width of Wall (IN)] x [Length of Wall(IN)] / 144 = Total Square Feet of mywoodwall™

What if I just need a few panels of mywoodwall™? What is the smallest quantity?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 10.5 SQFT

My mywoodwall™ panels are made of differently sized sections of wood – is this normal?

Yes. mywoodwall™ is designed with every section unique. If you want to achieve a balanced look, we recommend laying the pieces out on the floor to arrange them into the look you want.

Some of my mywoodwall™ panels have nails in, but I need to cut this section for an edge – is this ok?

These nails are used to protect the smaller sections of wood used in our panels. If cutting a panel, please make sure to avoid these sections, or try swapping the panel with another one so as to avoid them entirely.