Why You Should Choose mywoodwall™ Over Wallpaper

Why You Should Choose mywoodwall™ Over Wallpaper

The install alone will save you time and money. Plus, it’s unique!

Many homeowners considering a change in the appearance of their space spend a lot of time mulling over the many interior decor options. Wanting to forgo the familiar paint route, a popular way to go is wallpaper. There are a lot of reasons to love wallpaper, but we believe that mywoodwall will not only look better and last longer but it will also save you money in the long run.

Wallpaper can be aesthetically pleasing and last for many years. Yet as the project begins, you may quickly realize a professional should have been involved for the application. Unfortunately, wallpaper installation (and even the removal) come with risks like ending up with air pockets, an uneven surface, or sheets not lining up. Instead of making it a DIY project, many homeowners find themselves spending money where they hadn't initially planned.

With mywoodwall
 you can do it all yourself and the install will only take a few hours. You can even create the pattern of your dreams- all you need is a clean, dry, and sufficiently strong surface to support the panels. The Tesa tape on the back of our mywoodwall panels will keep your panels securely in place for at least 10 years under normal conditions.  

When weighing out the options between re-painting, wallpaper, or using mywoodwall to create a new effect, take a look at the mywoodwall website and order a sample box of our signature colors. Don't be deterred by the cost- though per inch it might be a bit more expensive, you will definitely save more by being able to apply it yourself. Plus, the tools you need for the installation are usually right in your garage..or your neighbors!

We hope that when it’s time for a new look in your home, you consider trying out our mywoodwall panels. We know you’ll love the look and even have a little fun with the install.