We believe in a sustainable future for business!

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We believe in a sustainable future for business!

Hey, Everyone!

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, we wanted to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to our friends, family, partners, and you. As well, we would like to share our optimism and belief in a sustainable future by talking about our background and philosophy a bit more!

There are so many things to be excited about right now, like being a part of a family business comprised of incredibly diverse backgrounds. We have team members in Indonesia, Europe and America, all really beautiful places to grow up and draw on for inspiration both in our personal and professional lives. We’ve definitely learned to appreciate the finer things that nature provides and can’t imagine a world without them. It is our aim to continue pushing to find ways to ensure that these beautiful places are around for our kids for them to enjoy in the ways we have.

We’re really proud to be providing you with an eco-friendly product and use that product for the greater good of our communities. That’s right, we don’t want to just sell you something, we want to encourage you to buy and live the green life. Help hold us and other business accountable for how we treat the earth and the people who are living on it. Because the sad truth is...the earth doesn’t need us, but we need it! We don’t want an eviction notice from Mother Nature...so we’re doing everything we can to clean up after ourselves.

Did you know for every box of Mywoodwall you purchase, we support the cultivation of new trees?  We’ve partnered with One Million Trees, a non-profit initiative of Fairventures Worldwide and the Borneo Institute in Central Kalimantan (Borneo/Indonesia). We want to ensure sustainability and devotion to the planet that gives us so much in return. We want put back what we take, so tomorrow and the days that follow, there are trees aplenty. Deforestation is not cool, and though we understand that progress in inevitable, it doesn’t mean we have to destroy in order to grow. Plus, we probably love oxygen just as much as you do!

As for our little community, we’ve seeded everything at family-owned plantations on the beautiful island of Java, Indonesia, working hand-in-hand with the locals in order to create jobs. The timber and food crops are planted on degraded land to provide an income source for the farmers in a way that is sustainable and responsible. We are constantly striving for quality material, through the work of our skilled farmers and by using the latest technologies in the field.

We’re doing things a little bit different, we’re doing what we think is right for the planet and the global community. Our panels are produced out of FSC® certified raw materials. The panels are also certified by SCS Global Services, who provide global guidance in environmental and sustainability testing, certification, and development for the past three decades. Their awesome programs cover a wide transection of business efforts. We love how they acknowledge achievements in eco-friendly building and product manufacturing. Sustainable practices, like these, do wonders in preserving natural resources. It’s the perfect model for creating a good business and we’re on board!

So, when it’s time to change the look of your space, we encourage you to think beyond paint and wallpaper, and incorporate a feature wall that is unique to you. Yes, we know you’re looking for style, we’ve obviously got style. What’s even more stylish is being able to transform a space, fairly cost effectively, and do so without leaving a large environmental footprint.  Our panels are hand-crafted for an extraordinary look that's very easy- Just prep the wall, lay the panels out, and “Peel and Press”.

We are barely scratching the surface here and we sincerely hope we can be a good example for the business of today and the business of the future. We would love for you to come along for the ride and play a role in helping us make a difference. Let us know if you have any suggestions or thing you would like to see us do in the future. Of course, we are only as good as our customers, and you guys are pretty darn good.

Until next time,