Using the Leftover Planks for the Trim

Using the Leftover Planks for the Trim

August Tips and Tricks:

Using the Leftover Planks for the Trim by Evan Seagraves (@realestevan)

Summer almost over but the house project always there from season to season. Just ‘Peel and Press’ to create a feature wall from any bare surface or add stylish highlights to any room by using mywoodwall wood paneling.

We would love to share this amazing project by one of our customers on social sites. What a great idea when you can’t find the same color for your trim by using the leftover planks from mywoodwall. Yes, Problem solved!

Evan is wrapping up his fireplace with mywoodwall, what a great inspo! FYI: mywoodwall is a fantastic application to transform your space and a great alternative to paint and wallpaper!

Before and After


He covered the whole thing in double-sided foam tile adhesive to hold it fast and strong. However, mywoodwall comes with TESA adhesive in every pieces of the boards.

In the end, how Gorgeous this final project! Our DIY system eliminates extra installation costs compared to other wall products options.


Project and all images credit to Evan Seagraves (@realestevan)