Office Bike Rack Gets mywoodwall™ Treatment

Office Bike Rack Gets mywoodwall™ Treatment

“I just started peeling and pressing the panels on the wall. I worked my way through and it went really, really fast. It was actually kind of fun. Mywoodwall is great for people who are busy but are still looking for something a little different. I’m really excited about mywoodwall and I can’t wait to share it with other people.” -- Small Business Owner

We are constantly inspired and surprised by the creative ways we’ve seen people utilize mywoodwall™ in their homes, offices, and businesses. The office for creative agency, We Are Unicorns, is located in the daylight basement of a small Seattle apartment complex, creating a blank slate for decoration and design. While the initial build out and move-in went quickly, it was the details that fell to the wayside due to the challenge of running a small business and managing day-to-day operations.

With their office being located in the heart of Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, many employees tend to bike commute. We Are Unicorns challenge was to create a bike rack able to efficiently hold a fair number of bikes and still look good in their new office. The original rack worked well, but it let the bike’s rear tires rub against the wall, leaving a row of black smudges on the white paint. Their solution was to add a wood feature wall to not only add to the office aesthetic, but limit the amount of noticeable wall marking.

Originally reclaimed pallet wood had been considered as they were looking for a low cost solution to match the rest of the office. Due to the time and effort of trying to gather enough pallets, take them apart for the wood, figure out a way to attach them to the wall, plus keep up with all their normal day-to-day, their wall never materialized.

In looking for an alternative to pallet wood or a fresh coat of paint, We Are Unicorns landed on using mywoodwall™ in our Java colorway. After only a couple hours and a little over a box of mywoodwall™, their office gained a new feature wall and solved the problem of dirty bike tires. With manageable, pre-cut pieces, easy peel and press panels, and a reclaimed, modern look, mywoodwall™ ended up being the perfect solution for their bike rack and at the same time gave the office a unique focal point.

Project Details:

  • Boxes of mywoodwall™ Used: 1.25
  • Time spent: 2hrs
  • Tools Used: Pencil, tape measure, level, mitre saw, roller.  
  • Difficulty Level: Easy