The Albizia Tree: A Sustainable Choice

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The Albizia Tree: A Sustainable Choice

What is it that makes mywoodwall™ panels so unique? Unlike some other wood paneling brands out there, our wall panels are made of real wood, not artificial materials like laminate. We strive to provide a natural material that brings the essence of nature into your home and creates a space that feels warm and inviting. As a company, we believe in ensuring our impact on the environment is minimal and in doing so we specifically chose the Albizia tree for the construction of our wood wall panels. 

The Albizia tree is one of the fastest growing trees in the world and is native to the island of Java Indonesia where our mywoodwall™ panels are constructed by hand. This native tropical tree is an important resource to the community in Indonesia and is utilized in a number of industries all over the world. A new tree can reach the height of seven meters in a little over a year! Each tree that is harvested is re-planted and can be harvested much sooner than any other tree in timber industries across the world. This is what makes the Albizia tree more sustainable than other interior wood decor choices. 

As a nitrogen-fixing species it has also become extremely valuable to the restoration of depleted land and is frequently planted in areas undergoing reforestation. Through fallen branches and leaves the Albizia’s decomposed foliage enriches soil with necessary nutrients for new growth. In Indonesia, this tree has become a daily part of life, the local community utilizes its wood for firewood, its bark for making soap, its leaves for livestock and plants the trees as windbreaks for protection on their farms.

Environmental and community impact is a core value our company has strived to meet since day one. We hope you build with us!

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