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Not only do mywoodwall™ panels allow for an affordable room makeover, they’re also easy to install and work with for people of all skill levels, saving both time and money. By simply peeling and pressing, create a new feature wall in any room and let your imagination run wild. Made from real wood, mywoodwall™ panels are built with smaller pieces of wood, nailed and glued together, giving a unique and detailed look in a larger panel that’s easier to work with.   Since it is made from fairly soft and workable albizia wood, mywoodwall™ panels can be easily cut with...

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We know building green involves more than just finding creative ways to reclaimed material, but also ethically sourcing the material we build with. Today, mywoodwall™ is striving to accommodate the market for low-cost and stylish, eco-friendly materials by using only 100% real wood. What we’ve done is create a fast, easy-to-install wood wall paneling system that’s also FSC certified. We think it’s important for environmentally-conscious consumers who desire building with quality material to understand the difference between using real wood and using mixed laminate panels.         Rather than throwing away good, quality scraps of wood, we take...

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