Stay Organized with this DIY Shelf and Coat Hanger

Stay Organized with this DIY Shelf and Coat Hanger

By now, everyone knows mywoodwall™ real wood panels can add a quick and effective decorative touch to any room. But did you know the wood panels can be used to create all sorts of fun and creative DIY projects around the house? For this DIY Shelf and Coat hanger, all that’s needed are seven pieces of mywoodwall™, a saw, two coat hooks and some super-strong Tesa™ double tape. Follow these steps below to create your own DIY Shelf and Coat Hanger.

Step 1:

  • Pick out seven mywoodwall™ panels, find the best-looking ones to use in areas where they will have the most visibility.
  • Take two mywoodwall™ panels, peel off the backing tape, secure them back-to-back so the colored sides face out, this piece will be your shelf.
  • Take another two mywoodwall™ panels, and using a saw, cut off 4 inches (100mm) from each end so you are left with four, 4-inch pieces.
  • Using some Tesa™ tape, secure two of these pieces together, back-to-back so the colored sides face out.
  • Repeat this with the other two pieces. This created your two shelf supports.
  • Take the two mywoodwall™ panels you cut from, and using Tesa™ tape, fasten them together back-to-back. This creates the back of your coat rack.

DIY mywoodwall shelf coat hanger

Step 2:

  • Apply a strip of Tesa tape to each end of the piece for the back of the coat rack and align your shelf supports perpendicularly before pressing the tape together.
  • With your shelf supports and coat rack back assembled, apply a piece of Tesa tape to the top edges and fasten your shelf across the top.
  • With your assembled coat rack shelf now together, stick a few strips of Tesa tape on the back, find where you want to mount it and press firmly to create a strong bond.  

Step 3:

  • With your assembled shelf now mounted to the wall, screw both coat hangers onto the back face of your coat rack. Use a tape measure and pencil to space them out evenly
  • Taking your remaining three mywoodwall™ panels, peel off the backing tape, align them horizontally above your shelf and press them to the wall to create a backdrop that can be used as a place to pin notes or photos.
  • The Tesa™ tape will be the strongest after 24 hours, so wait before adding any weight to your shelf.  

With the unique finishes, hand-crafted look and range of available colors, a custom coat rack shelf is beginning of what’s possible with mywoodwall™ panels. Check back because we’ll be releasing more mywoodwall™ DIY hacks soon, but in the meantime feel free to come up with your own fresh ideas and share photos of your creations with us.  

Project Details:

mywoodwall™ Used: 7 pieces

Time spent: 45 minutes

Tools Used: Tesa™ double tape, level, saw, tape measure, pencil     

Difficulty Level: Medium