Our Growing Partnership with Fairventures

Our Growing Partnership with Fairventures

In many areas outside of Java, Indonesia, large parts of rain forest have become remnants of a once lush and tropical habitat. What is left of the forests are now in jeopardy due to a growing population, logging, and an increase in oil palm production. People in rural areas depend on agriculture and crops harvested from the rain forest, so restoring this land to a sustainable condition is essential to mending the support for local communities. This is what Fairventures Worldwide is aiming to do with their program, One Million Trees.

mywoodwall partnered with Fairventures Worldwide to help in the fight against deforestation and to protect the areas in which we live. All of our mywoodwall panels are harvested from the Albizia tree, one of the fastest growing species in the world and only a plantation species in Indonesia. All our panels are produced in Indonesia from this species and all come from plantations in Java. Additionally, no destruction is caused as a result of the cultivation of our raw material. It is the most sustainable of all the interior wood decor choices, with one tree capable of producing 30-32 cartons of finished mywoodwall panels.

The Albizia tree is a vital part of daily life in the local communities and is commonly used for firewood, preventing soil erosion, used in shade cropping, feeding livestock and as windbreaks for protecting farms. It is an extremely important resource to the communities due to its rapid growth of becoming fully harvestable after seven years. After each tree is harvested, it is re-planted and can be harvested more often than any other tree in the timber industry.

It’s no secret that building green takes more than just finding new ways to reclaim material, but ethically sourcing the material we build with as well. Today, mywoodwall™ works to accommodate the need for low-cost and eco-friendly materials by using only 100% real wood that’s FSC certified. We hope you’ll join us and Fairventures in the push for a more sustainable world.

Albizia Tree - Plantation