No Doubt... That ceiling is your wall!

No Doubt... That ceiling is your wall!

mywoodwall can be super fun and entertaining for your ceiling too! We would love to share these images that mywoodwall works for your ceiling. Things to know that mywoodwall is durable and easy to apply. Our real wood paneling is 100% sustainably sourced. For every box that you purchase, three trees get planted.

mywoodwall ceiling arcadian peel & Press

Super easy installation to change the whole décor of your place. The trick is don’t forget to mix and match the color from mywoodwall and put ‘em together in the floor to see the contrast. Note: Make sure that the color is bright enough to be your ceiling.

 mywoodwall ceiling blog peel & Press

Décor for the ceiling is using mywoodwall - Blue Ocean, Brushed Coral, and Martini.