Mixing Modern and Rustic in Your Home

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Mixing Modern and Rustic in Your Home

Most of us are able to keep track of design trends by scanning Pinterest, style blogs, and admiring new looks from our favorite designers. Even with an abundance of style trends, the modern rustic style is a hard one to miss. Combining different patterns, colors and most importantly, styles that are fashionable yet accessible, make this emerging trend our new favorite! Though it can be somewhat difficult to pull off, with some tips and a few mywoodwall panels, you too can mix modern and rustic for the most well-thought-out home on the block.

Modern Furniture with a Rustic Backdrop -

Using modern furniture and appliances with a mywoodwall backdrop will help you achieve the class of a modern home with the charm of a rustic residence. For furniture, look for clean, mid-century/modern pieces and pair with mywoodwall™ panels and hints of rustic touches throughout your space.

Modern Rustic Vanity

Photo Credit: designindulgence.blogspot.com

Go Green -

There’s nothing more refreshing than bringing nature into your home with plants. The modern rustic look can be easily achieved by adding pops of green all over your space. Though plants can be an added burden for busy people, there are plenty of low-maintenance succulents that will do the trick. Pair with modern planter sets or shelving.

Modern Rustic Hanging Succulents

Photo Credit: kateyoungdesign

Natural Light -

Natural light is key to achieving the perfect modern rustic place. Though not all of us are lucky enough to have large windows, you can forgo curtains and blinds to take advantage of every bit of light you can get. Peel and press a few panels around your windows for a nature inspired look.

Modern Rustic  Window

 Photo Credit: feelitcool.com

Just Add Wood -

From sliding doors to kitchen counters, adding mywoodwall™ panels to already existing features is an easy way to make anything rustic. Peel and press panels are great for adding to any flat surface.

Modern Rustic Sliding Door

Photo Credit: mountainmodernlife.com

Rustic Headboard -

This is one of the easiest ways to get that modern rustic look. You can either add mywoodwall™ panels to an existing headboard or apply them directly to the wall. The headboard really brings warmth to the room without taking away from the modern, clean lines.

Modern Rustic Headboard

Photo Credit: elegant-classics.tumblr.com

Overall, modern rustic is pretty easy to accomplish with a few mywoodwall panels, and did we mention it looks fabulous? We hope these ideas have inspired you to branch out this summer and give your home a touch of modern rustic.