Make a DIY Candle Holder in Four Easy Steps

Make a DIY Candle Holder in Four Easy Steps

Spring is here, but if your interior isn’t seeing the light, it won’t matter how sunny the weather is outside. Wake up your space from hibernation with this awesome, budget-friendly, DIY candle holder that’s sure to light up your interior all year long. Grab your tools and follow along with our easy step-by-step guide.

For one candle holder you’ll need:

A leftover panel from your mywoodwall™ project, a hand saw (circular saw for efficiency), one large cup hook, one mason jar with lid, one 6 inch chain, 12 inches of wire, one candle, and a small amount of paint if you wish to color the lid of the jar.

mywoodwallpro tip: Paint the lid of the jar with your desired color and let dry for a few hours before you start the project.

Step one:

Cut your mywoodwallpanel to the desired size. The size is up to you, but we recommend you cut it to roughly 12 inches in length for a small jar.

mywoodwall DIY Candle Holder Reclaimed Wood Panels
Step two:

Install the cup hook about a quarter of the way down the center of the panel. Make sure the hook is securely in place.

Step three:

Wrap the wire around the neck of the jar a few times while looping it through the chain to securely fasten it to the jar.

mywoodwall DIY Candle Holder Reclaimed Wood Panles

Step four:

Peel and press the panel to the wall. After the panel is securely in place, add the jar to the hook and place your candle into the jar. Voilà! You now have a brand new candle holder.

mywoodwall™ pro tip: In need of more plants in your home? Add air plants or fresh cut flowers in place of candles for a fresh spring look.

You don’t have to be a professional to create stylish lighting in your home. Plus, when you do it yourself, you can customize each candle holder to fit your unique interior style. We hope you love how these candle holders look in your space. Stay tuned for more DIY projects made from leftover mywoodwall™ material for your home.

mywoodwall DIY candle holder mason jars reclaimed wood