How To: Efficient Cutting Techniques

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How To: Efficient Cutting Techniques

With six unique and distinct colors to choose from, mywoodwall™ real wood panels are an easy way to give any room a fresh look with a feature wall. Made from real wood and in colors that compliment the natural texture and warmth of the wood, there are plenty of options to pick from. Whether you choose to cover an entire wall or just a part of it, cutting your panels efficiently will save material and allow your exposed edge to maintain the same color stain as the rest of your wall.


As you lay out the mywoodwall™ panels on the floor to figure out your pattern, think about ways to be efficient with the material. If your stagger is anywhere less than half the length of a single mywoodwall™ panel, you’ll be able to get two short pieces out of one long piece. That may seem like basic knowledge, but it’d be easy to run out of product if you don’t lay your pattern out ahead of time. Get creative with your patterns and layouts, but be sure you don’t end up one piece short of a completed project.  

Exposed Edge

The ends of every mywoodwall™ panels come pre-colored, keeping your project from having an unsightly raw-edge look. One technique to stretch your product and keep the stained edges facing out is to cut one short piece off, then flip the panel end-to-end and cut from the other side. This way you’ll end up with two, short pieces with a stained edge. Just make sure you remember to leave the colored end out when you peel and press the panel pieces into place.

Being efficient with your cuts will allow your product to stretch further and keeping the stained edges consistent will add a cohesive look to your next project. Of course you can always pick up a box of our custom mywoodwall™ trim to really cap it off, but these tips should help with your next install.