Don’t Sleep on this mywoodwall Wood Panel Headboard

Don’t Sleep on this mywoodwall Wood Panel Headboard

“We kind of like that outdoors aesthetic and we like to bring it into our home. Originally we had talked about making a barnwood wall for our bedroom, but that would not only include gathering wood...nailing them all to the would end up being a pretty long project. I’m not quite as handy as I like to think I am, but I try to do projects around the house quite a bit. When we found mywoodwall it was the best of both worlds.”  -- Homeowner 

We love to see the new and creative ways people use mywoodwall in their homes to add a fresh look with an art wall or spruce up an otherwise fairly plain room. These first time homeowners were strapped with a limited budget but came with plenty of big ideas on how to transform their home into their dream home. Always on the hunt for quick, easy and affordable ways to elevate their small fixer-upper, they looked towards mywoodwall for a solution.

With a comparatively large bedroom to the rest of the house, they had a big, blank wall behind their bed they wanted to redecorate. In looking to make a headboard to compliment their freshly painted bedroom, they had originally considered reclaimed barnwood. After realizing barnwood is not only hard to come by but also outside their budget, they were at a standstill until discovering mywoodwall wood wall paneling.


Since mywoodwall is easy to order and plan the right amount for each project, it was perfect for their headboard. After deciding out their layout and sanding down the rough texture of their walls, they worked off their level reference line to stick up all the full boards. It was easy to go back afterwards and cut all the pieces to finish off the edges. Working together as a team, they were able to peel and press the wood panels of their headboard in only a couple hours. Their new mywoodwall feature wall/headboard was a quick and easy project that transformed their bedroom more than any paint job or new bedspread ever could.

Project Details:

  • Boxes of mywoodwall™ Used: 2
  • Time spent: 2.5hrs
  • Tools Used: Pencil, tape measure, level, mitre saw, roller.  
  • Difficulty Level: Easy