DIY Shelves from Leftover mywoodwall™ Panels

DIY Shelves from Leftover mywoodwall™ Panels

There are many ways mywoodwall™ real wood wall panels can add fresh look to a wall, but there are plenty of other uses of these versatile panels as well. By using some leftover pieces from your latest installation, these DIY custom mywoodwall™ wall-mounted shelves are a great way to create a unique and functional piece to add to any room. All you need are eight pieces of mywoodwall™, the included wooden shim, a few thumbtacks, scissors, and some super-strong Tesa™ double tape. Follow these steps below to create your own DIY shelves.

Step 1:

  • Pick out eight leftover mywoodwall™ panels, find the best-looking ones to use in areas where they will have the most visibility.
  • Take two mywoodwall™ panels, and using a couple pieces of Tesa™ tape, secure them back-to-back so the colored sides face out.
  • Repeat with another two mywoodwall™ panels to create two vertical sides for your shelf.
  • Cut the other four mywoodwall panels in half, and using two pieces of Tesa™ double tape, secure them back-to-back to create the four horizontal shelves.

Step 2:

  • Take both vertical side panels, and with a pencil, mark where you want your shelves to go.
  • One shelve can go across the bottom and the other across the top, space out the two remaining shelves how you would like and mark their location with a pencil.
  • Stick a piece of Tesa™ double tape to one edge of each of your shelves, peel off the backing and align them to the marks on one of your shelf sides, press firmly to create a secure bond.
  • Stick a piece of Tesa™ double tape on the other edge of each shelf, peel off the backing paper, align the shelves to the marks on the other side piece and press firmly.
  • Take some wooden shims and thumbtacks, put fasten them at the corners of your shelves to act as braces until you mount your shelf. (Picture a1. And a2.)

DIY mywoodwall shelves

Step 3:

  • With your shelf assembled, stick some Tesa™ double tape on the back where it will adhere to your wall. Place Tesa™ double tape as shown in picture. (Picture b.)
  • Make a mark on the wall where you want to install the shelf.
  • Peel off the paper backing and stick your shelf to the wall. Press firmly so the Tesa™ tape can securely adhere.
  • Remove wooden shims from front of shelf.
  • The Tesa™ tape will be the strongest after 24 hours, so wait before adding any weight to your shelf.  

With the unique finishes, hand-crafted look and range of available colors, a custom set of shelves is only the tip of possible DIY projects with mywoodwall™ panels. Check back because we’ll be releasing more mywoodwall™ DIY hacks soon, but in the meantime feel free to come up with your own fresh ideas and share photos of your creations with us.  

Project Details:

mywoodwall™ Used: 8 pieces

Time spent: 30 minutes

Tools Used: thumbtacks, wood shims, scissors, Tesa™ double tape, level, saw    

Difficulty Level: Medium