DIY: Rustic Indoor Basketball Hoop

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DIY: Rustic Indoor Basketball Hoop

Recycling and reusing materials to create something entirely new is what makes a DIY project so fulfilling! After you’ve put those final touches on your mywoodwall install, you might find that you’ve ended up with some excess material. For the love of basketball, don’t throw them away...transform them into endless indoor entertainment!

All you need is:

Supplies: Three to four mywoodwall panels, four heavy duty screws, small basketball and a reclaimed or new basketball hoop.

Optional: Use particle board for a mobile hoop and over the door hooks for transportability.

Tools: Measuring tape, a saw, and a drill.

*mywoodwall protip: If you don’t have any leftover material from a previous mywoodwall project, grab a whole box of mywoodwall panels and make several basketball hoops to give out as gifts to family and friends!

Rustic Basket Ball Hoop Wood Panels


Step One:

Using leftover scraps from your previous mywoodwall project, lay out three to four panels on the floor to decide on the perfect size. Place the hoop on the panels on the floor to get a feel for how it will look. Using a pencil and a level, draw a small line on the wall where you will place your first panel. Starting with the bottom panel, line it up with your pencil mark then peel and press your first panel onto the wall. Next, peel and press the next few panels on top of the first.   

*mywoodwall protip: If you’re using particle board as a base, peel and press each mywoodwall panel onto the particleboard.

Step two:

After you have your mywoodwall panels securely in place, you will need to position your basketball goal. Place the goal at the bottom center of the backboard and attach the hoop by drilling it into place.

*mywoodwall protip: Use painters tape to create goal lines. Paint around it with your favorite color and then peel up the painters tape for clean straight lines.

There you have it! This easy project is guaranteed to bring some joy into your home. It’s also a great way to use any leftover panels to ensure every bit of material is used. Stay tuned for more DIY projects from mywoodwall.

Indoor Basketball Hoop Reclaimed Wood