Difference Maker: Real, Sustainable, Reclaimed Wood

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Difference Maker: Real, Sustainable, Reclaimed Wood

We know building green involves more than just finding creative ways to reclaimed material, but also ethically sourcing the material we build with. Today, mywoodwall™ is striving to accommodate the market for low-cost and stylish, eco-friendly materials by using only 100% real wood. What we’ve done is create a fast, easy-to-install wood wall paneling system that’s also FSC certified. We think it’s important for environmentally-conscious consumers who desire building with quality material to understand the difference between using real wood and using mixed laminate panels.


Rather than throwing away good, quality scraps of wood, we take the small leftover pieces from larger projects and fasten them together to create a durable 100% real wood material. Each mywoodwall
panel is then kiln dried into a solid board. With real, kiln-dried wood, your mywoodwall project will look the same as the day you put it up. No gaps from temperature changes, no bowing, and no warping.

Other wood panels on the market often use a veneer, which starts as as real wood but is soaked in water, spun and then shaved into very thin pieces about a millimeter thick. It is then glued to another surface only using the smallest amounts of actual wood. By only using such a small piece of wood, it can cause the corners to peel up and warp in varied temperature environments.

Just as you would repurpose furniture or priceless antiques, mywoodwall™ takes recycled scrap wood and gives it a chance to shine in your space. For the truly environmentally thoughtful, pretty much anything in your home can be made from recycled materials. It’s all about investing in sustainability. Perhaps the ultimate goal for your home's decor is purely aesthetic or maybe it’s quality, either way, we want you to have the best of both worlds. Our unique process allows us to do something others aren’t doing, and we hope the end result shows how much we care.

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