Customer Testimonial: Mosaic Dining Room Feature Wall

Customer Testimonial: Mosaic Dining Room Feature Wall


My wife and I were looking to add a feature wall to our open living room/ dining room space with the hopes of creating a bit of separation and pop. We ran across mywoodwall™ and felt the solid wood planks were the answer. We decided to go with a modern mosaic layout and ordered one box of three different colors to create one large 10” tall x 6” wide rectangle. The outcome was terrific.

We ordered and had the product within 5 days and sat on the idea for a week before taking one evening to lay out a section of the proposed design on our floor. We then marked our wall and started applying from the top, down. We figured if there was going to be any small gap, we wanted it on the floor for cleaning purposes (We ended up with a ½” gap). As we started, we realized our ceiling was not level, but found after we got a few layers of panels set, the slight upper gap was not eye-catching (we could easily go back and fill if needed). After an hour we had all the panels pressed against our wall and decided to cut the side 1/2 panels and panels to go around the light switch and wall outlet the next day.

The following day it took 30 minutes to cut and another 30 minutes to press them against the wall. Most of that time was changing around panels to decide the best overall look. We found the tape to be extremely strong. It even allowed us to bend the boards slightly around small imperfections in the wall.

The options are limitless for where and how to apply. Overall, the panels have heightened the feel of the room while giving it the final touch needed for style and room function. Thanks mywoodwall™ for your quality product and service.

Project Details

  • Boxes of mywoodwall™ Used: 2.5
  • Time spent: 3hrs
  • Tools Used: Pencil, tape measure, level, mitre saw, roller
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate