Custom mywoodwall™ DIY Coat Rack

Custom mywoodwall™ DIY Coat Rack

By now, you’ve seen how mywoodwall™ real wood wall panels can add a modern touch and transform any room in your house with a feature wall, but there are so many more uses. Utilizing some leftover pieces from your latest installation, this DIY custom mywoodwall™ coat rack is a surefire way to create a unique and functional project that ties back to your wall of the same color. All you need are two pieces of mywoodwall™, a package of coat hooks, screws, some super-strong Tesa™ double tape, and a screwdriver or electric drill to attach the hooks. Follow these steps below to create your own DIY coat rack.


Step 1:

  • Pick out two mywoodwall™ panels, one will face the wall and the other will face out so chose the side that looks best to you.
  • Peel the backing tape strips off both mywoodwall™ panels.
  • Press the backs of both panels together so they are stuck to each other.
  • You can now cut the rack to your desired dimensions or go with the default 23 5/8in x 4 7/8in.


Step 2:

  • Using scissors, cut 3 strips of Tesa™ double tape and stick them vertically to the back of your coat rack.
  • This side will be stuck to the wall, so make sure the Tesa™ double tape is on securely.


Step 3:

  • With a pencil, lightly mark the spots the hooks will go on the front of your coat rack.
  • Using a screwdriver, screw the hooks to the front of your coat rack.
  • Prepare the wall by wiping it with a damp cloth to remove any dust and debris to help the Tesa™ double tape sick.
  • Mark the spot on the wall where you want to install your coat rack.
  • Once satisfied with the location, peel the backing off the Tesa™ double tape, and firmly press it to your wall.
  • The Tesa™ tape will be the strongest after 24 hours, but will be strong enough for a jacket right away.  

With the unique finishes, hand-crafted look and range of available colors, a custom coat rack is only the tip of the potential DIY projects possible with mywoodwall™ panels. Check back because we’ll be releasing more mywoodwall™ DIY hacks soon, but in the meantime feel free to come up with your own fresh ideas and share photos of your creations with us.  


Project Details:

mywoodwall™ Used: 2 pieces

Time spent: 15 minutes

Tools Used: coat hooks, screws, screwdriver or electric drill, scissors, Tesa™ double tape  

Difficulty Level: Easy