Change the Channel on this Flatscreen with a mywoodwall™ Install

Change the Channel on this Flatscreen with a mywoodwall™ Install

“Our basement is the only place in the house where we have our TV, so we wanted to dress it up and make it fit the space. Finding something like mywoodwall™ was a no-brainer and it gave us a segway into an easy afternoon installation.” - Homeowner

Whether looking to give a bedroom a quick makeover or create a statement piece in your living room, mywoodwall™ is a versatile decorating solution. Beyond sticking mywoodwall™ panels to painted walls, there’s much more that can be done by thinking outside the box. Backed with super strong Tesa double tape, mywoodwall™ panels can be stuck to just about any surface. For this project, a frame was built and covered with thin plywood, creating a unique pop-out surface for a mywoodwall™ application.   

Dustin, a handy homeowner, had recently purchased a house and has since been working his way through various remodel projects. In their basement, they had a flat screen TV mounted to a wall in the entertainment room that looked lonely and out of place. With this being the only TV in the house, they wanted to highlight it but also feature the TV in a clean way that hid the cords and really made a statement.

Easy as Peel and Press!

Looking to do more than just apply mywoodwall™ panels on the wall around the TV, Dustin had plans to build a frame that popped out from the wall, could hide the power cords, and feature a strip of remote-controlled LED lights around the outside of the frame. After making the frame and covering it with a sheet of smooth-faced, thin plywood, he was able to tuck the cords behind it and peel and press the mywoodwall™ panels to the surface. To top it off, he added strip of adhesive LED lights around the outside of the frame, behind an overhang he intentionally left, controlled by a remote and can be programmed with different colors and sequences.

For as ambitious as Dustin’s project sounds, with a little planning and the ease of the mywoodwall™ panel installation, his project came together in just an afternoon. Dustin’s project is just the beginning of what’s possible with mywoodwall™.

The final piece

Project Details

Boxes of mywoodwall™ Used: 1.5

Time spent: 3.5hrs

Tools Used: Pencil, tape measure, level, mitre saw, roller, screw gun.  

Difficulty Level: Moderate