Bringing the Farm to this Basement Barn Door Install

Bringing the Farm to this Basement Barn Door Install

“Anyone who's looking for a super high quality, easily installed product, mywoodwall™ is a great answer. Having a giant six-foot sliding wall, like I have, putting mywoodwall™ on it really ties it together in a cool, timeless way. I think people are going to come in and look at it and be pretty impressed. It’s kind of a work of art and it’s a functional work of art.” -- Homeowner.

Beyond sticking to painted walls, you can do so much more by thinking outside of the box. Take Ryan, an international brand manager and business developer, for example. His basement had a large rolling barn door that looked out of place and he wanted a way to tie the room together. With some creative thinking, he was able to make his rolling door the focal point of the room in a really cool way.

Our lightweight real wood panels can stick to almost any surface.

As a father of three, Ryan doesn’t have much time for long projects. This install was Ryan’s last project for his basement remodel and he had a specific look in mind. He wanted something that wasn't going to take a lot of time to do and that he knew would be long-lasting and durable. Hearing of his dilemma, Ryan’s friends introduced him to mywoodwall™. After seeing the product in person and how easy it was to install, he knew it would add the perfect designer finish he was looking for.

Ryan measured his door for square footage and ordered two boxes of mywoodwall™ in the Brushed Coral color for his project. After receiving the panels, Ryan laid out the pieces into his desired pattern and drew out a level reference line. He peeled and pressed each panel into place and then used a roller to help secure them to the wall. Using only a level, pencil, roller, and tape measure, he was able to create a basement that’s not only a great home office but also a place to show off his artistic style. In a short amount of time the project was finished and it looked great! We think Ryan found the perfect fit with mywoodwall™.


Project Details:

Boxes of mywoodwall™ Used: 1.5

Time spent: 3.5hrs

Tools Used: Pencil, tape measure, level, mitre saw, roller, screw gun.  

Difficulty Level: Easy