A Fireplace Transformation Without Laying a Brick

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A Fireplace Transformation Without Laying a Brick

With the weekend approaching, it’s time to dig into some of those home improvement projects we’ve put on the back burner. We’re all about transforming spaces in the house that have been neglected or need new life, so we’re featuring one of our favorite projects by our customer, Febyolla, for some DIY inspiration! Take a look at her magical fireplace below

Fireplace mywoodwall

“We had a floor to ceiling red brick fireplace with no mantel. It was a weird corner in our living room.”

Febyolla completely turned her dated fireplace into a modern rustic masterpiece with some creative thinking and a box of mywoodwall panels. Like Febyolla, many of us have an awkward spot in our place that we don’t quite know what to do with. She wanted something that would lighten up the space, so she opted for the Brushed Coral panels to cover the original red brick. The Brushed Coral panels are subtle but when paired with the right amount of color, they give the space personality and help the whole room come together.

Fireplace from the side.

“The Brushed Coral mywoodwall was a great way to brighten our corner and fireplace space. It also allowed us to install a new mantel which brought dimension and elegance to the new cozy room.

All she had to do to achieve this look was measure the space around her fireplace and order the mywoodwall panels. After cleaning the space, she was able to easily “peel & press” the panels to the wall. Febyolla added plants, a mantle, and art on top of the mywoodwall panels. The Tesa Tape on the back of each panel is strong and can withstand additional weight.

Fireplace with mywoodwall.

“I highly recommend the angle trim for corners as it allowed us to easily cover a 90 degree corner with a sense of class.”

An easy way for Febyolla to give her feature wall a professional finish was to use our Trim Edge Protectors. They can be quickly and cleanly attached to finish the feature wall as easily as the panels were installed. Just like the mywoodwall™ panels, you just peel and press!

Completed fireplace with mywoodwall and accessories.

‘What a great quality, great looking product, that exceeded my expectations. It was easy to install and looks timeless.”

Whether you have one or not, there is no denying the magic of a beautiful fireplace. Her living space is now the PERFECT place to cozy up with a book or gather with friends. If you’re on a budget this is a great project for you! Thank you, Febyolla, for choosing to build with mywoodwall and we hope you enjoy your new space as much as we do!

Warning: Always consult the safety manual of your fireplace first and comply with the rules and regulations therein. Generally speaking, mywoodwall™ is safe for use as long as the exposure to heat is minimal. Make sure to follow all recommendations for textured surfaces. Most brickwork must be sealed to ensure good adhesion.