6 Style Ideas for the Modern Homeowner

6 Style Ideas for the Modern Homeowner

Whether you’re highly adventurous or extremely thoughtful, let us help you find the mywoodwall style suited to you. 

We’ve seen some charming homes using repurposed wood from floor to ceiling. We’ve also seen small accent walls that do wonders by adding a subtle hint of color and texture to a room. What works best in your space has a lot to do with your personality.

The Minimalist - Less is more

One of the most methodical interior styles, minimalism is at its core an extremely organized look. Use mywoodwall panels sparingly behind a TV or as an entire accent wall to highlight your decor essentials.

We recommend: Martini, Safari, Brushed Coral

Minimalist Wood Wall Interior Design
Source: renoguide.com.au

- Color pop

An intentionally vibrant style, eclectic is perfect for those who love creating conversation pieces around their space. Use mywoodwall panels from floor to ceiling for a bold statement.  

We recommend: Deep Space, Blue Ocean, Java.

Eclectic Wood Wall Interior Design

Source: modernhomedecor.eu Designer-Rafael Simonazzi.

- Old is the new, new.

If you are one to embrace the retro trends and you enjoy repairing or refinishing furniture, vintage might be the style for you. Build a medium size mywoodwall and pair it with a leather suitcase, a stack of old books, or an antique sink to create a timeless expression.

We recommend: Brushed Coral, Martini, Java or Safari.


Vintage Wood Wall Interior Design

Source: renoguide.com.au

Shabby Chic -
Friendly elegance.

Shabby Chic interior design presents a soft and comfortable alternative to vintage. Try adding a medium sized mywoodwall™ behind a dresser or behind a delicate piece of art. Cover with white lace for a feminine touch.

We recommend: Martini, Safari, Brushed Coral.


Shabby Chic Wood Wall Interior Design                      
Source: @beautifulchaos.des.reno.style

Farmhouse -
Barn meets bedroom.

Whether you live on a farm or reside in the city, you can still have that countryside charm when using repurposed wood. Emphasize the beauty of the country by using mywoodwall panels behind metal windmill art or use a few panels for a DIY light fixture.

We recommend: Java, Safari, Brushed Coral.

Farmhouse Wood Wall Interior Design
Source: linda-coastalcharm.blogspot.com

- Home is your oyster.

Inspired by the ocean, the coastal style uses light touches of salt-kissed driftwood all over the room. Get this look by using mywoodwall panels as a classic coastal headboard or as shelves to hold your beach treasures.  

We recommend: Brushed Coral, Blue Ocean, Java.

Coastal Wood Wall Interior Design

Source: Via Decoholic

We hope these suggestions will help inspire you for your next mywoodwall
project. Grab one of our sample boxes to see what mywoodwall color looks best in your space.