5 Steps to a Swoon Worthy Look for Spring!

5 Steps to a Swoon Worthy Look for Spring!

Spring is just around the corner! A do-it-yourself mywoodwall project is an easy and fun way to freshen up your home. Here are five simple steps to help you spring into action.

Step One - Dream It

Every house could use a little sprucing up here and there! Walk around your home and find that ideal spot to install a welcoming accent wall into your space.

Step Two - Find Your Color

Whether you're looking for a soft natural tones or bold colors, purchasing a sample box is a great way to insure that the color you’ve selected fits perfectly with the look and feel of your space.

Step Three- Try It On For Size

Get out your tape measure and jot down the measurements of the wall space you intend cover with mywoodwall panels. Use these measurements to calculate the number of boxes you will need to purchase for your project. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the mywoodwall team!

Step Four- Build it

Channel your inner interior designer and get your hands dirty. Lay out your panels in the pattern of your choosing then just “Peel & Press” each individual panel into place.

Step Five- Make it your own

Now for the fun part decorating your new wood wall with your favorite accents! Add hanging plants, pictures, or shelves to your new wall for a look that is special to you.

We hope you enjoy your new mywoodwall.