5 Different Ways to Use mywoodwall to Recreate your Space in the New Year.

5 Different Ways to Use mywoodwall to Recreate your Space in the New Year.

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly looking for ways to bring new life into your living space. This year we are throwing away the paintbrush to create stunning and colorful feature walls made with real wood. We put together a list room designs that inspire us in hopes it might inspire you to try some of these beautiful looks in your space. Some mywoodwall™ panels, a little measuring, and some basic tools are all you will need to get looks similar to these. DIY doesn’t get much easier than this. Let’s get this project party started.

Your Living Room


The living room is the spot to host guests and where you spend a lot of indoor social time. It’s a room that promotes togetherness and we think it’s a room worth celebrating with the warm and robust feeling of wood. Black often gets a bad reputation for being gloomy but there’s no need to be afraid of the dark. Not only does black look incredibly chic and sophisticated, it’s also a low maintenance color. Just think, you’ll never have to wash your walls again. Try our Deep Space panels with a few DIY hanging light fixtures to achieve a bold, distinguished look like this.

The Bedroom


The style of your bedroom should be a reflection of your taste and personality, as it’s often the most personal room in your home (aside from the bathroom of course). It’s important to make it a place you love falling asleep and love waking up in the morning. Your dream cabin bedroom is just a door away from you at any time. Achieve this look with a natural brown shade, like with our Java colorway, behind your bed and around the bed frame. The outcome is a rustic, yet put together, backwoods feel.

The Kitchen

Cooking a good meal and sharing it with friends is one of life's greatest pleasures. A kitchen you love to be in is a great start to loving the art of cooking, if you don’t already. We’re in love with the combination of weathered wood and pure white in this open space. Accenting the back of the bar is a small project making a big statement. A box of our Martini panels will help you attain a look similar to this  

The Dining Room                      

Some of our most cherished moments happen in the dining room. Where we share food, we share memories. The different colors of rustic wood create a fresh, fun, one-of-a-kind look in this room. A signature wall like this is sure to be the topic of conversation at your table and will make an impressive statement. Try our Mixed Wood Panel box that boasts all of our signature colors, like Brushed Coral, Ocean Blue, Java, Martini and Safari to achieve this playful look.

The Office

The home office is usually a place we go when we need to get work done or take some much needed alone time. Update this room into a place you enjoy being in on those crucial creative days or long tax weekends. Display photos, books and plants on a smartly designed accent wall that looks like a clean slate for the day ahead. Create a wall like this with a box of our Safari panels.

We hope we've given you some inspiration for your next home improvement project. We would love to see all of the amazing things you’ve created in your home using mywoodwall™ wood panels. Share with us!

Until next time,