5  Creative Ways to Use mywoodwall™ in Your Kid’s Room

5 Creative Ways to Use mywoodwall™ in Your Kid’s Room

When it comes to decorating your kids room, playfulness is key. Colors, textures and themes come together to make an extra special space for your child to grow and play. Here are a few ideas for using mywoodwall™ to create a room of their very own and more importantly, a comfortable place for them to rest their head at the end of the day.

1.Try cutting out your child's favorite shapes from a sponge and use them to make designs on the wood. Cut or compile the mywoodwall™ panels to the ideal size and shape. Dip the sponges in your child's favorite color paint and then press and hold it to the wood. To prevent dripping, let them dry flat, then peel and press the panels to the wall.

Mywoodwall™ protip: It’s easy to find paint that glows in the dark. Use it to make your project glow and get your kids excited about turning out the lights at bedtime.


Kids Bedroom Decor Photo: besthomedecorpics.us

2. Kids grow out of fads faster than they grow out of their clothes. Choose one of our neutral signature colors for a feature wall they can mature with. One box of mywoodwall™ panels in the color Java will give you a look similar to the one.             

Kids Room Wood Accent Wall

 Photo: bowerpowerblog.com

3. Organization is important for teaching kids how to be responsible for their belongings. Use mywoodwall™ panels to make small shelves that apply straight to the wall. Kids are also known for being collectors and these shelves act as great display cases for all of their treasures.

Kids Room Organization Wood Shelves Photo: sheknows.com

4. Get hooked on hooks! Another great method for helping your kids get organized is by giving them a special place to hang things. Before you peel and press your mywoodwall™ panels, add hooks to make it easy to hang art, coats, or toys.

Kids Room Decor Wood Wall

Photo: zulily

5. One of the best parts of growing up...is growing! In lieu of a traditional growth chart, use a few mywoodwall™ panels vertically to make a giant ruler. Paint the lines and numbers directly on the wood and watch them grow.

Kids Room Grow Chart

Photo: hometalk.com

Peel and press mywoodwall™ panels make it easy for busy parents to do something unique and fun in their kid’s room. We hope you gathered some fun new ideas for your home. Stay tuned for more inspiration from mywoodwall™.